08 mayo 2007

I've been "tagged"

Well, I've been tagged by http://moogancreations.blogspot.com and I must write a list about 7 facts you don't know about myself ..... let's try it:

1- I can't watch tv without making some crochet, sewing ...
2- I spent many, many years in Sao Paulo (Brazil) ...
3- I'm a really good cook, specially my desserts...
4- Don't like flying ...
5- Love living here in Spain - it's a lovely place...
6- I'd love to paint like my father ...
7- Love amigurumis, wish could make some great ones...

Here it's ... I'm sure it doesn't interests many of you, but I said I'd keep on with the game, so must put 7 new people to do it :

Good Luck....

4 comentarios:

Ensinar com prazer dijo...

♥BOM DIA!!!♥
♥Amizade é igual ao sol!♥
♥Ás vezes não aparece, mas nunca se apaga!♥
Que sua semana brilhe muito.

moogan dijo...

thanks for playing along.
working while watching tv is the only way to watch it.

Craftymoose Crafts dijo...

It's fun to read these and find out a little about each other!

Felicia dijo...

I'm just like that about the TV!