02 julio 2011

Summer Days !¡! / Días de Verano !¡!

Hot, very hot days for us !!! What about you ??? We are "enjoying" some 104F/107F almost every day ... So, we have been a bit lazy over here - few knitting, few pictures ... Hope you are having a better and cooler Summer !!! ... ^___^

Calurosos, unos días muy calurosos para nosotros!!! Y vosotros, que tal ??? Estamos "disfrutando" de unos 40ºC/42ºC diarios ... Así que, hemos sido un poco "vagos" por aqui - poco punto, pocas fotos ... Espero que vosotros esteis pasando un Verano bueno y algo más fresco !!! ... ^___^

3 comentarios:

aracne dijo...

Oh, Summer dresses...so pretty!

tommieboo dijo...

hey i was wondering do you make the outfits? i just stumbled upon this blog and would be really interested in buying some of your hats , like the beret type.

Feltland dijo...

I am so glad you liked them Blandina (and glad my dollies don't mind wearing wool dresses with this hot weather, hehe). Thankssss ... ^__^

Hi Tommieboo - it is great to see you like my knitting work - thanks so much.
I only make outfits for dolls, if you are interested in any of them just send me an email, please, and we can talk about it. Thanks ... :D